Defending Jacob: A Novel

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Webb skillfully weaves the past and present together in a way that is both revelatory and entertaining.” David Lighthouse was once a hard-hitting investigative reporter for the Denver Post—back before he was accused of the brutal murder of his fiancée and his life unraveled. How about an old-fashioned straight razor? Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth; she has charm and elegance.

Pages: 496

Publisher: Dell; Reprint edition (February 26, 2013)

ISBN: 044024613X

Indemnity Only

Little Ghetto Girl: A Novel

The film is a case study in the psychology of fascism, and according to the political philosopher Takis Fotopoulos 'The Conformist' (as well as 'Rhinoceros' by Ionesco) is 'a beautiful portrait of this psychological need to conform and be 'normal' at the social level, in general, and the political level, in particular.' The film has been very influential for other filmmakers, and is widely praised as a visual masterpiece online. This eerie novel tells the story of two former best friends. When Roisin discovers Erin’s secret, she mysteriously disappears. Plagued by old resentments and towering lies, this duo are bound by their ill-fated friendship. Because she lives in a built up area, sometimes her hobby turns to people watching too. When she sees a suspicious occurrence that leads to a neighbour’s death, Lily knows it’s up to her to uncover the truth , e.g. Hannibal Rising download epub download epub. Do you now this psychological thrillers and/or drama? ... reader in a psychological thriller. ... see in crime dramas on our television sets (where you know that it will ... the Psychological Thriller, ... 11:09 - Now you see me .. , source: While I Was Gone Extremists who use terror as a weapon, and those who fight them. (NOTE: This title is part of the Justin Westwood series, listed under Conspiracy Thrillers ) (NOTE: This series chronologically follows the Jack Ryan and John Clark series, and features Jack Ryan's son, Jack Ryan, Jr.) (NOTE: This title is part of the Andy Fisher series, listed under Technothrillers ) (NOTE: This title is part of Ford's Frank Corso series, listed under Hardboiled Detectives ) (NOTE: This title is part of the Christopher Miller series, listed under Mean Streets ) (NOTE: This title is part of the Noah Haldane series, listed under Medical Thrillers ) (NOTE: This title is part of Logan's Phil Broker series, listed under Psychological Suspense ) (NOTE: This title is part of the Sue Bennett series, listed under Conspiracy Thrillers ) (NOTE: This title is in the Mitch Webber series, listed under Technothrillers ) Sanders, Lawrence: The Passion of Molly T. (NOTE: This title is part of Silva's Gabriel Allon series, listed under Esponage )

It’s not just since Gone Girl.” “But … so maybe the really new thing is that this new crop of books have female protagonists who aren’t entirely sympathetic – who are maybe a bit flawed?” he tried again.“Nope,” I said. “That dates back a while too The Vampire Companion: The read here With police baffled, Soo-hyeon decides to catch the murderer, but his growing violence makes him wonder who the monster really is. To give his students a real-world example of how dictatorships can grow powerful, a high school teacher starts a social experiment that gives some of his students a strong advantage while leaving others subservient and powerless No Fixed Address: An Amorous Journey After savvy undercover work leads her to an underground sex trafficking ring, Lucy is hell bent on bringing the operation down. But when her best lead is found dead, Lucy becomes the prime suspect in a murder she didn’t commit—and finds herself on the run. As she races against the clock to find the real killer, Lucy struggles to control the growing darkness within her ref.: Sons and Lovers (Modern Library 100 Best Novels)

The Bride Collector

This slow-burning revenge drama is skilfully constructed, the cuckoo of this piece nestling comfortably before wreaking havoc. The Aura sees Argentinian director Bieleinsky fulfill the promise of his 2000 debut Nine Queens, with a taut crime thriller. This story of an epileptic taxidermist who dreams of executing the perfect crime, carefully builds angst to a perfectly pitched crescendo , e.g. Red Dragon Red Dragon. Below you will find a few additional handpicked psychological thriller novels that are well recommended for something new to read – especially if you have read some – or all of the above stories. Believable and compelling characters in unbelievable yet fascinating situations Madame Bovary: Life in a Country Town (Oxford World's Classics) Not that we're knocking either of those authors. It's just that there are so many stories to choose from, which you already know if you, like millions of other readers, rapidly inhaled novels like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train over the last few years. Here's the thing about suspense thrillers, though: Once you've reached the end and all the secrets have spilled out, it's not always fun to go back and read them again , e.g. A House in the Country: A Tale of Psychological Horror Michael began his writing career as an investigative journalist working across Britain, Australia and America. Later he became a ghostwriter, collaborating on 15 ‘autobiographies’ for politician, pop stars, soldiers and adventurers ref.: Pretend you don't see her download online Pretend you don't see her. The villain actually turned out to be an avant-garde hero (part hero, part villain) and that is something I never thought about when started out. So far, what has been your favorite scene to write? In my novel, Where Angels Prey, which is a financial crime thriller, set in New York and India, my Avant-garde hero dismisses his CEO. The scene is the boardroom and wow, I loved the way it panned out ref.: Herb: Short Stories Rated: 4.5 stars on 64 Reviews. 247 pages , source: Stacking in Rivertown He'd glance, though, now and then, at my knees, as if to assure himself I was still there and still prepared to listen to what he had to say. Finding me still there, he'd continue the nervous rub of his misshapen left thumb, which lacked its nail--something that had always fascinated me CATCH ME WHEN I FALL. download epub


The Butterfly Killer

The Art of Breaking Glass

The Horned Man: A Novel

Ill Wind (Heather Warden, Book One)

A Twist in the Tale

The Memory Keeper's Daughter (Paperback)

The Complete Works of George Eliot


The Witches of Eastwick (Penguin Modern Classics)

Mr. Prohack

The Delilah Complex


Olive Kitteridge

The Shadows of My Hair

Frontal Lobe

Though Laura believes, John is dubious -- until he begins having psychic flashes. Adrien Brody stars as a man who wakes up trapped in a crashed automobile in a steep wilderness ravine, injured and clueless with no hope of rescue. As the man struggles to survive, he slowly remembers the events that put him there Singled Out read for free Singled Out. A 1980s computer hacker is overwhelmed by the Cold War paranoia infecting the divided nation The Agent: A Short Story (The Writer's Block Book 1) One hundred and forty people were murdered, including unarmed men, women, and children. When renowned forensic artist Gwen Marcey is recruited to reconstruct the faces of recently unearthed victims at Mountain Meadows, she isn’t expecting more than an interesting gig and a break from her own hectic life Graven Images James Shelby is an innocent man convicted of the murder of his wife. His sister enlists Jane to spirit him away. In the ensuing melee, Jane is injured and then captured by professional hit men posing as police. They torture her in an attempt to find out Shelby’s location , e.g. Intensity download here But then the nude body of a prep school student shows up, and Penn’s best friend is a suspect in her murder. Penn agrees to help and gets caught up in the world of blackmail and deadly violence. As the book progresses, Penn finds himself in increasing danger, and of course, the bad guy is never who we think it is The Rampa Story. read epub I’ve been a CFO, COO, VP and Publisher at major and minor houses and imprints. A writer and entrepreneur, I look for commercial projects with a strong literary attitude. If you’re looking for an Editor, this is, currently, the wrong agency for you ref.: Yielding Ice About to Melt read pdf Alfred Hitchcock is considered the acknowledged auteur master of the thriller or suspense genre, manipulating his audience's fears and desires, and taking viewers into a state of association with the representation of reality facing the character. He would often interweave a taboo or sexually-related theme into his films, such as the repressed memories of Marnie (Tippi Hedren) in Marnie (1964), the latent homosexuality in Strangers on a Train (1951), voyeurism in He also utilized various cinematic techniques (i.e., the first British 'talking picture' - Blackmail (1929), the extreme zoom shot of the key in Visually-expressive motifs were also his specialty (i.e., the surrealistic dream sequences in Spellbound (1945), the key in Vertigo (1958), the murder reflected in the victim's glasses in Strangers on a Train (1951), the concept of "pairs" and guilt transference in Shadow of a Doubt (1943) ), or the making of technically-challenging films (such as Lifeboat (1944) and Rope (1948)). [Rope was a film of many 'firsts': it was Hitchcock's first color film and his first film as an independent producer; it was his first film released by Warner Bros.; it was his first and only attempt to make a film appear as a single shot, with a series of ten-minute takes cleverly spliced together; and it was his first film with James Stewart , e.g. Harlem Girl Lost download online Staub’s decision to move the action from the city to the suburbs is a savvy one, as it provides a nod to her roots while also allowing for a fresh and intimate landscape on which to play out a disturbingly diabolical drama , e.g. Marquel: (Book 1)